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AIMA Assessor Certification

AIMA is the only AI assessment compatible with efqm model and it is based on AI and ML algorithm, founded to assess all role players affecting the overall implementation of AI and future management tools in an organization through diagnostic analysis.

AIMA takes into account pillars & enabler as well as the strategic plan, services and tools in order to provide a tailored recommendations to help organizations in aligning their strategy with best practices while providing advises on corrective actions that enablers need to undertake, Thus making AIMA the ultimate tool to help set priorities and draw a crystal clear road map for embedding AI & Future Management tools into organization culture.
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Objectives of the AIMA Management Maturity Model course

o To provide an insight about the importance of management pillars across business lines.

o To focus on the fundamental process of data management and the techniques to strategically analyze data to reach deep learning model in accelerated organization behavior.

o To create a clear picture of the report outcomes by establishing a relationship between the different categories and process areas.

o To help in implementation of leading practices of future tools with the services implementation.

AIMA Model Course Outline

An introduction to the AIMA
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Strategy and data governance
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Data quality and data operations
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Services and tools architecture and supporting processes weighting
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Global AI index and its methodology
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IAIDL Certifications

IAIDL offers individual professionals two levels of certifications, a basic level which is a prerequisite and an advanced level certificate both of which are earned after an adaptive pre-assessment & an exam.

IAIDL offers institutions an IAIMA certification which is an international artificial intelligence maturity assessment certifications, that assess an organization’s level of AI Maturity so that the organization can recognize The Artificial intelligence readiness, at one of three possible levels — Foundational , Operational , Transformational .

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